Am ende da stehst du

Wait… Breathe… Think… Relax…

Get back to the starting point, the moment when you had the chance to take your first breath, a life so fragile, so subtle yet so strong. But why the beginning of the end is so important? Is one of those moments when someone doesn’t have control of itself but is eager to do whatever it takes to be free. The result of that struggle is to walk. 

As we grow we forget about freedom, we get responsibilities which take control of our life and many other situations that limit our ability to grow. The past is seen as a burden that we have to carry; but hidden we may find the only time we were free. 

Learn to walk, learn to be free.

Seasons arrive each year, blowing away memories and creating new moments. They destroy and they build, they kill and they create. Will you live or will you die?